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Picture: At Piran Kaliyar, near Rourkee, Uttar Pradesh (India)

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1992 Ph.D., Columbia University (Religion)
1987 M.A., University of Washington (Sanskrit, Hindi)
1983 M.T.S., Harvard Divinity School (History of Religion)
1979 B.A. cum laude, Colgate University (Philosophy and Religion)


Professional Experience

February 2015-Present: Chair, Department of Religion, Carthage College

September 2005—Present: Professor of Religion, Carthage College 

October 2001—August 2014: Director, Asian Studies Program, Carthage College.

October 1998-August 2001: Chair, Department of Religion, Carthage College.
September 1997-August 2005: Associate Professor of Religion, Carthage College.
September 1992-August 1997: Assistant Professor of Religion, Carthage College.

September 1991-August 1992: Instructor in Religion, St. Olaf College,


Languages: Sanskrit, Hindi, Braj Bhasa, Punjabi (beginning), French, German (reading)


Research Interests: Hindu Pilgrims and Pilgrimage, Medieval North Indian Saints, Modern Hindu Religious Movements.




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"Reflected Splendor: The Regional Appropriation of `All-India' Tirthas," in a volume of papers given at the New York Conference on Asian Studies. Ann Arbor: UMI, 1990. 


Panels, Papers and Presentations


March 2016: “Sacred Networks in the Ganga Himalaya.”   Delivered as part of “Map and Territory” in Asian Religious Imagination.”  ASIANetwork Annual Meeting,

St. Petersburg, FL

April 2015: Presided at “ANFEP: India Summer 2014 Program,” a panel discussion of the 2014 iteration of a Mellon-funded ASIANetwork Faculty Development Project; ASIANETWORK annual Meeting, St. Louis, MO

March 2015: Discussant for “Constructing Sacred Landscapes in the Himalayas,” AAS Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL

October 2013: “Pilgrimage in Uttarakhand: The End of an Era.”  Invited lecture at St. Olaf College, Northfield MN. 

April 2013: “Why Doesn’t Carthage Have an Asian Studies Course?.”  Invited Paper for “Teaching `Introduction to Asian Studies,’” ASIANetwork Annual Meeting, Nashville TN.

April 2013: “Guru Gobind Singh at Nanded: Reflections on Sikh Identity and Community.” Invited Paper for Belmont University’s Asian Symposium (Nashville TN).

March 2012: Organized and chaired “Pilgrimage Networks in Asia” (ASIANetwork annual Meeting, Portland, Oregon); presented “Pilgrimages and Sikh Identity in North India.”

November 2011: “Guru Gobind Singh in Nanded,” invited paper for a Festschrift in honor of Prof. John Stratton Hawley at UC-Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara, CA).

Nov. 2010: Invited Respondent for a panel on Garhwal Himalaya.  AAR Annual Meeting,    Atlanta, GA.

April 2010: “Envisioning and Re-Envisioning The Himalayas.” ASIANetwork annual meeting (Atlanta, GA).

March 2008:  “Imagined Landscapes: Space and Place in the Haridvaramahatmya.”  Invited Paper for the “Ocean of Devotion” Symposium run by the Center for the Study of Hindu Traditions (Gainesville, FL).

March 2008:  “What’s So Special about Me? The Role of the Specialist in General Education.”  Invited Paper, ASIANetwork annual meeting (San Antonio, TX). 

April 2006: “Experiencing Other Cultures: Travel to Asia.”  ASIANetwork Annual Meeting (Lisle IL); panel discussant. 

April/May 2006: “Tensions Within Islam: The Struggle for the Soul of a Faith,” public lectures delivered to the Racine Coalition for Peace and Justice (24 April) and the UW-Parkside Forum (1 May).  Invited Presentations.  

August 2005: “Shinran and Tulsidas: Mystery and the Workings of Grace,” delivered as part of  The Shin Buddhist Path in Global and Comparative Perspectives, Colgate University, Hamilton, NY.  Invited Presentation. 

February 2003: “The Construction of the Kumbha Mela,” lecture delivered to the South Asia Seminar at the University of Iowa (Iowa City).

November 2002: Invited Panelist at “Kumbha Mela: Where the Sacred Meets the Profane,” AAR/SBL Annual Meeting, Toronto.

November 2001: Invited panelist to discuss the film “Poverty, Politics, and Religion: The Plight of India’s Poor,” which was arranged by the Society for Hindu-Christian Studies; AAR/SBL Annual Meeting, Denver, Colorado.

April 2001: “Distance Learning at the Cleveland Museum of Art,” panel discussant at the ASIANetwork annual meeting, Cleveland, OH.  Invited Presentation.

April 2000: "The Web and Teaching," a paper presented at the ASIANetwork annual meeting, Lisle IL.   Invited Presentation.

Nov. 1999: "Hindu Nationalism," a paper presented at Earth and Fire: Nationalism and Society in South Asia, a symposium on India organized by the Heritage Studies Program of Carthage College (I also played a primary role in organizing this symposium).

Nov. 1998 "Tirthas and Tourism: From Bliss to Babylon?" Paper presented at the AAR/SBL annual meeting, Orlando FL. Invited Presentation.

Apr. 1997 Planned, organized, and presided over "South Asia in the Asian Mosaic," at the 1997 ASIANetwork annual meeting, Manchester Vermont. The panel was composed at the express request of the president of the ASIANetwork.

Oct. 1996 Panel member in "Learning From Our Religious Pluralism: An Alumni Symposium on the Religious Traditions of Asia," sponsored by the Department of Religion at Colgate University, Hamilton, NY. Invited presentation.

Aug. 1996 "The Transformation of Haridwar." Address to the Ranipur branch of Rotary International, Ranipur (India). Invited Presentation.

Apr. 1995 Panel member in "Getting Started: Asian Studies From the Ground Up," a panel discussion at the ASIANetwork annual meeting, St. Petersburg, FL. Invited presentation.

Nov. 1993 Organized and participated in "From Sanatana Dharma to Hindutva: Hindu Voices Describing Hindu Identity in the 19th and 20th centuries" at the AAR/SBL Annual Meeting, Washington D.C. Paper was "New Wine, Old Skins: The Vishva Hindu Parishad and the Transformation of Hinduism."

Apr. 1992 "Water For Lord Shiva: Hope Upon Hope." AAR/SBL Upper Midwest Regional Meeting, St. Paul, MN. Invited Presentation.

Nov. 1991 "Continuity and Change in a Hindu Pilgrimage Center: The Evidence of The Mayapurimahatmya." AAR/SBL Annual Meeting, Kansas City, MO. Invited Presentation.

Mar. 1991 Organized, presided, and participated in "Liquid Assets and Liabilities: Hindu Perspectives on the Management of Fluids," at the AAR/SBL Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting, New York, NY. Paper presented was "Bringing Home The Ganges: Bhagirath Revisited."

Oct. 1988 "Reflected Splendor: The Regional Appropriation of `All-India' Tirthas." New York Conference on Asian Studies, Albany, NY. Invited Presentation.


Honors, Grants, and Fellowships


2014: Faculty Development Grant, Carthage College

2014: Sabbatical Leave, Carthage College (fall semester)

2009: Faculty Development Grant, Carthage College

2005:  Sabbatical Leave, Carthage College (fall semester)

2004: Faculty Development Grant, Carthage College

2002: ASIANetwork Freeman Faculty-Student Research Grant

2001: Faculty Development Grant, Carthage College

1998: Sabbatical Leave, Carthage College (spring semester)

1997-98 Senior Research Fellowship, American Institute of Indian Studies
1996 Faculty Development Grant, Carthage College
1991, 1989, and 1988 President's Fellow, Columbia University
1990 Charlotte W. Newcombe Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship
1987, 1986, and 1984: FLAS Fellowships, Columbia Univ. and Univ. of Wa.
1985 A.I.I.S. Hindi Language Program Fellow
1979 Robinson Prize in Biblical Literature, Colgate University

1975-79 War Memorial Scholar, Colgate University

1975 Eagle Scout, Boy Scouts of America.


Professional Organizations: American Oriental Society, American Academy of Religion, ASIANetwork.  


College and Community Service


April 2015: External Reviewer, Whitman College Asian Studies Program

Feb. 2015: Chair, Religion Department

June/July 2014: Co-director (with Catherine Benton) of the ASIANetwork India Faculty Enhancement Program.

August 2013: Editorial Board Member, Journal of Punjab Studies

November 2013: External reviewer, Luther College Religion Department program

April 2013-Dec. 2015: Scoutmaster, Boy Scout Troop 435.

June/July 2011: Co-director (with Catherine Benton) of the ASIANetwork India Faculty Enhancement Program.

January 2008-January 2011: Senior Warden, St. Matthew's Episcopal Church

October 2006-August 2011: Chair, Global Heritage Working Group (Curriculum formation)

Aug. 2004-Aug. 2005—Chair, Faculty Executive Committee, Carthage College

January 2004—January 2007: Member of the Vestry, St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church

Aug. 2003-July 2014: Director, Carthage College Asian Studies Program

Aug. 2003-Aug. 2009: Faculty Executive Committee, Carthage College (consecutive terms)

April 2001-April 2002: Past Chair (ex officio), ASIANetwork Board of Directors.

April 2000-April 2001: Chair, ASIANetwork Board of Directors.
Jan. 2000-Jan. 2003: Junior Warden of the Vestry, St. Mathew's Episcopal Church
April 1999-April 2000: Vice-Chair, ASIANetwork Board of Directors

Oct. 1998-Sept. 2001—Chair, Religion Department, Carthage College
April 1998: Board Member, ASIANetwork Board of Directors
May 1997-May 2000: Member and Secretary, Faculty Executive Committee, Carthage College
Feb. 1996-Jan. 1999: Clerk and Member of the Vestry, St. Mathew's Episcopal Church.
Sept. 1995-August 2005: Faculty adviser, The Current (student newspaper)

May 1995-Sept. 1999: Coordinator, Wingspread Fellows Program
Mar. 1995-Aug. 1997 Chair, Heritage Oversight Committee.
Fall 1994: Authored Carthage grant proposals or a Luce Consultancy (from the ASIANetwork) and a Fulbright Scholar-In-Residence (both approved).
Dec.1993-Dec. 1999: Faculty Adviser, Delta Upsilon Fraternity.
1993-94 Faculty Secretary, Carthage College


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